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The internet has allowed everyone with a smart phone, iPad, tablet or smart television to be instantly linked to a vast body of content. However not all of the content available is suitable for children. It is vitally important that parents understand that children can access this content and put parental controls in place so keep them safe. 


If your child spends any time on an internet enabled device then it is important that an adult is either with them and monitoring the use all of the time or the device has parental controls in place to prevent children reaching inappropriate content. 


Age ratings on films and games are there for a reason and it is important that parents stick to these. If you have older teenagers in the house it is important they do not access older content when the younger ones can see or hear it. 


Internet safety and access to inappropriate aged films and games is now considered an important indicator of parenting capacity by social care and schools have been asked to support parents' understanding in this area. All the research shows that the sooner you start having regular conversations with the children about their online activity the easier it is when they are teenagers.


Below are a series of links to further information and support.