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Owls: Year 1 Class

Music Week Monday 25th to Friday 29th April 2022


Owls Class had a fantastic week celebrating music week. We thoroughly enjoyed all our activities and thank our volunteers very much for coming in to share their talents with us!

Over the week we:

  • Danced with Darren doing a musical theatre style performance
  • Listened to Yasemin play turkish music
  • Participated in a drumming and percussion workshop with John
  • Watched Chesham All Girls Band perform
  • Sung and signed with The Theatre Shed, singing 'This is me' from 'The Greatest Showman'
  • Learned about many musical techniques on the piano with Sarah S
  • Rocked out with Rob and his guitars
  • Listened to Julia from the English Sinfonia play the cello and making lots of animal themed sounds and songs
  • Watched Sarah C perform opera and see some pictures of her past costumes
  • Saw Connaught Brass perform their songs and learned about different brass instruments
  • Ended the week on a high, dancing and singing with a band

History Day 7.4.22


Today KS1 children came to school dressed as a significant person from history. There was a fantastic range of costumes, including Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough and Malala Yousafzai. The children came armed with facts about their chosen significant people and they shared these facts with rest of KS1, before showing off their costumes in a catwalk. It was a very fun day at school and we (including the teachers!) learned lots about these important people from history.

Discovery in the OLE!


On 28.3.22, Year 1 discovered a mysterious crashed spaceship in the OLE outside our classrooms! The children found broken parts of the spaceship and strange bits of yellow fur. They soon discovered that the fur was from a small alien called Beegu. Beegu wrote the children letters to let them know that she needed help. Owls Class wrote back to Beegu, telling her not to be scared, and they also made helpful posters to tell someone how to look after Beegu if they found her. Luckily, our new little alien friend found a way back to her home planet and Owls Class wish her all the best!

Owls Class Spring Walk


At the beginning of March, Owls Class walked around the school grounds looking for signs of spring. The children spotted daffodils growing and blossom on the trees. Owls Class also set up a rain gauge to collect rain over the next week so they can compare it to the amounts collected in autumn and winter.


Can you spot any other signs of spring on your walk to school?