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Woodpeckers: Year 2 Class

Year 2 Curriculum Information Spring 2 2024

Year 2 Curriculum Information Spring 1 2024

Woodpeckers Class mixed primary colours to make secondary colours

Learning about 2D shapes

Year 2 Curriculum Information Autumn 2 2023

Woodpeckers made healthy, balanced wraps in DT

Maths: We used sticks of cubes to help us learn about difference as subtraction

Year 2 Curriculum Information Autumn 1 2023

Here is some of our learning from the first Autumn term:

Sorting materials in science Sept 2023

Here we were given a selection of objects and we had to work out what linked them. We realised they could be linked by materials! We have grouped these objects and materials into these categories:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • fabric
  • metal
  • glass

Representing 2-digit numbers in maths Sept 2023

We chose a number card and represented the number shown using the equipment available. We are learning the place value of numbers to 100.

Learning drawing techniques in Art Oct 2023

We have learned different techniques for drawing, including using charcoal. Then we used this knowledge to draw textured teddies, making sure we added detail using the techniques we learnt.