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Newtown School

We care about our learning, each other and our world.

Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs J Antrobus
Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs H England

Deputy Headteacher, Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss J Hunt

Teacher, Goldcrests and Firecrests Classes, Pre-School


Mrs A Ashton, Mrs H Hussain, Ms S McKnight, Mrs S Rashid, & Mrs S Riaz

Teaching Assistants, Goldcrests and Firecrests Classes, Pre-School


Mrs S Smith

Teacher, Wrens and Nuthatches Class, Reception


Mrs M Kirk & Ms S Brend

Teaching Assistants, Wrens and Nuthatches Class, Reception


Mrs L O'Shea

Teacher, Sparrows and Linnets Class, Reception 


Mrs L Gifford 

Teaching Assistant, Sparrows and Linnets Class, Reception 


Mrs T East

Leading Teaching Assistant, Year 1, Nurture Leader, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs E Bashford

Teacher, Jackdaws Class, Year 1


Mrs M Godden & Ms L Johnson

Teaching Assistants, Jackdaws Class, Year 1


Mr C Kalamaj

Teacher, Owls Class, Year 1


Mrs L Johnson & Mrs T East

Teaching Assistants, Owls Class, Year 1


Ms D Ponsonby

Teacher, Magpies Class, Year 2


Mrs J Oliver & Ms K East

Teaching Assistant, Magpies Class, Year 2


Ms N Alley

Teacher, Woodpeckers Class, Year 2


Mrs C Melaisis & Ms K Evans

Teaching Assistants, Woodpeckers Class, Year 2


Mr T Hooper

Leading Teaching Assistant, Key Stage 1 Classes, Interventions Leader


Mrs K Hooper

Teaching Assistant, Interventions in Reception and Key Stage 1


Mrs D Knowles & Mrs S Rashid

Before School Club Assistants


Mrs D Knowles & Ms A Fowler

After School Club Assistants


Mrs P Adlam

Bursar, Office


Mrs J Beale

Administrator, Office


Mrs R Chandy

Admin Assistant, Office


Mr D Winder



Mrs A Ashton, Mrs C Beton, Mrs K Graham, Mrs D Lisley, Mrs C Platts, Mrs S Rashid, Mrs F Shaheen,  & Mrs F Zafar

Lunchtime Assistants