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Jackdaws: Year 1 Class

Jackdaws music week!

Today the Jackdaw children had a lot of fun in their costumes from significant people of the past.

We had a fashion show with the rest of KS1, where the children got to showcase their costumes and talk about the people they had come dressed as.

I was very impressed with their knowledge and confidence to stand up and talk about significant people from the past.

Well done Jackdaws!



Today Jackdaws class received their marble treat for getting 100 marbles in the class jar and we had our trip to the local park.

All of the children were so well behaved and had a really fun time. We managed to pick a lovely day for it and it was so lovely to see the children running around and enjoying themselves. 

Some of the children picked daisies and made a crack in the ground into a lovely work of art!

Special thanks to our parent helpers who came today.


Mrs Bashford, Mrs Godden and Mrs Leathers

Jackdaws trip to the park

Welcome to Jackdaws Class!


Today, Jackdaws were introduced to Beebots!


Beebots are electronic toys that the children have to programme to move in different directions and different distances. This introduces them to the concept of programming within IT.


We put Beebots on the tables with notes saying, can you work out how to use me? The children then had to work in groups to read the notes and figure out how to use their Beebots. We then came together as a group and discussed the different ways we can make the Beebots move.


The children did amazingly well. They all worked as a team and managed to turn the Beebots on and get them to move without any adult help! They all had a lot of fun learning to use the Beebots this afternoon, here are a few pictures of their learning in progress.


Mrs Bashford